Long-term exports

A line of credit that will improve its competitiveness at an international level

Long term

You can sell your products abroad with a maximum term of 10 years


When exporting, you will be charged cash by discounting letters of credit and / or promissory notes and / or guaranteed bills of exchange


You can make attractive terms of payment on time

Financial conditions

  • Beneficiaries

    Exporters and producers of goods and services destined for export.

  • Destination

    Financing exports of Manufactures of Industrial Origin (MOI), Manufactures of Agricultural Origin (MOA), Unused Capital Goods and Services of Argentine origin and Industrial plants or other works that are contracted with the condition of being delivered “Turnkey”.

  • Amount to Finance

    Up to 100% of the value of the Incoterms used or the amount of the project and associated services.

  • Minimum and Maximum to Finance

    1. MOI, MOA, Capital Goods and Services:

    • Minimum amount: $ 200,000
    • Maximum amount: US $ 6,000,000

    2. Industrial Plants and Turnkey Projects:

    • Minimum amount: US $ 200,000
    • Maximum amount: US $ 10,000,000
  • Loan Currency

    Any currency of free convertibility in the country.

  • Rate

    It will be variable, conformed by the Libor rate plus a spread between 4.00% and 8.50% depending on the term.

  • Warranty

    Bank guarantee on eligible instruments, to the satisfaction of BICE

  • Deadline

    10 years (counting from the date of shipment).

  • Minimum Term

    1 year.

  • Amortization System

    Advance financial discount (forfaiting).

  • Amortization

    1. For MOI, MOA, Capital Goods and up to 10% of its value in spare parts and accessories and / or installation costs in the country of destination and / or the value of the export credit insurance premium and / Or for the export of industrial plants or other works contracted with the condition of being delivered “Turnkey”, the capital repayment installments must be at most annual, of equal amount, periodicity and for amounts not less than U $ S 2,500.00 or its equivalent in other currencies.

    2. The services of interest, if any, must be paid semi-annually or in shorter installments, according to the cancellation of the capital.



For a loan of 500,000 dollars over a period of 3 years. In the calculation of the CFT, the Libor rate plus a fixed margin of 425 basis points has been used. No tax included. Rate applied in the example: Libor Prom. April 2017 = 1.4166%. * CFTNA: Total Annual Financial Cost


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