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After 33 years, a family company goes on investing and growing with our support Back


The company FRIOLATINA, of the city of Maipú in Mendoza, was born 33 years ago when Juan Bernardi started the activity in the cold storage field manufacturing, first as a handcrafted product and later in an industrial way, cooling equipments for family and commercial refrigerators. In 1994, with his wife and two children, he focused on the design and manufacturing of compact units for cold stores and on services of thermal isolation and controlled temperature chamber assembly.

Nowadays they are referents in the manufacturing of cold store chambers, cooling equipments and industrial works used to preserve food, furs, flowers, plants, medicines and beverages.

Now, determined to continue investing and growing, they have planned to build a new industrial unit to install a continuous production line to manufacture roof tile-like sheets, and therefore the BICE has recently approved an investment loan which will give them the necessary momentum.

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