Financial Institutions

Since its creation, the BICE has performed as a second floor bank. Operations are called this way because the financing programs are chanelled through financial institutions (public or private) and leasing companies that remain first before the companies or users asking for the loan. The Bank funds those institutions’ transactions.

This process:

  • Allows access to a wide net of finance distribution that belongs to those institutions, and this in turn makes it possible to have greater sectorial and regional capillarity and coverage, reaching a wider range of final beneficiaries.
  • Allows financial institutions and leasing companies to reduce the credit risk as they are bound to pay regardless of the payment fulfillment by the beneficiaries.
  • Contributes to supporting the regional economies more strongly with tailor-made products.
  • Fosters the spreading of Financing onto the market in a quick and agile way, according to each institution’s analysis and instrumentation parameters.
  • Makes it easier to grant loans for longer-term investments at competitive rates.
  • Makes it possible to focus on and boost the funding of those sectors and activities deemed strategic.
  • Through this process, the BICE acts over the financial system thus fostering, as development bank, those activities deemed strategic and driving the generation of long-term financing through other entities.

Investment Financing

We provide the productive activity in general with financing for investments in capital assets and projects for investment in goods and services.

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Leasing Financing

We offer the production sector in general financing for investment in capital assets, through leasing financing.

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