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The BICE had its quality management system recertified

Yesterday, during a ceremony, the IRAM (Argentine Institute of Standards and Certification) granted the BICE (Bank of Investment and Foreign Trade) the “Recertification of its Quality Management System” under the IRAM-ISO 9001:2008 Standard. The President of the Bank, Pablo García, the Institute’s General Director, Eng. Alberto Schiuma and the Manager of the Management Systems Certification, Eng. Diego Cummins attended the ceremony.

“This certification is a step further for the continuous improvement of our organization and we also wish to boost the Government’s Argentine Quality Plan because we know for certain that improving the quality of the production processes is a main pillar to reach greater competitiveness”, said Pablo García during the event.

The BICE, the only national financial entity with a comprehensive certification of all its business processes, seeks to improve the organization efficiency and the clients satisfaction. The scope of the System includes: the design, supply and administration of credit lines; the making and administration of trusts; and the administration of deposit and term investment operations.

This way, the Quality Management System covers all the Bank’s business areas including different supporting areas such as Operations and Foreign Trade, IT, Operation Risk, Organization and Methods, Human Resources, Institutional Relations, Accountancy and Taxes, Procurement, among others.

The BICE got its first certificate in 2013, under the International 9001:2008 Standard from the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). Said organ is the most important global developer of voluntary international standards that provide specifics for products and services, contributing to a more efficient and effective management of the organization.

The ISO 9001 Standard is internationally renowned and is based on principles aiming to get a better institutional performance, the staff motivation, the clients satisfaction through the compliance with the requirements and the assessment of the progress always focusing on a continuous improvement.

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