Nuclear Generation



The BICE runs the Trust through which funds have been assigned to the ‘Proyecto de Extensión de Vida de la Central Nuclear Embalse’ (“Life Extension Project of the Nuclear Center called Embalse”).

It is a 5-year project with a participation in the funds from a CAF loan and it will be carried out with scheduled stops because the center currently provides the Argentine Interconnection System (SADI) with 648 Megabytes, located in the Province of Córdoba.

Some of the components of the Embalse Nuclear Center will meet the end of their design life span, as is the case of some reactor fuel channels and the aging of the systems. When this project finishes, the center will be able to operate for a new 25-year cycle.

The main activities to be carried out are the change in pressure tubes, steam generators, process computers and plant upgrading.

The process has 3 stages: the first one called “life assessment”; the second one to verify the changes to be made and when all the necessary material and equipment is bought; and the third one which means stopping the plant to replace the essential components in the center, the reactor pressure tube among them.

Atucha II

The BICE ran the Trust Fund through which the 745 MWe-power Nuclear Center called Atucha II supplies net electric 692 MW to the national interconnection system. It is located on the right margin of the Paraná River, in Lima, District of Zárate, 115km from the City of Buenos Aires, next to the Nuclear Center called Atucha I, making use of a great part of its infrastructure. Atucha II was included in the nuclear generation park of the Argentine electric system, apart from Atucha I (357 MWe) and Embalse (648 MWe).


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