SMEs Line

Access our long-term credit for productive investment with special financial conditions for your SME. 

BICE’s Term

Up to 15 years, with two-year grace period.

BICE’s Rate

With special financial conditions for SMEs.

Amount to Be Financed

Up to 80% of total amount for each Project, VAT excluded.

Financial conditions

  • Beneficiaries

    Credit petitioners must be individuals with real domicile in the Argentine Republic or legal persons domiciled in the Argentine Republic or having a branch or any kind of permanent agency in the Argentine Republic.

  • Objective

    To finance investment projects and to acquire movable capital assets, recordable or not, in the framework of an investment decision, destined to different economic activities within the productive sectors of goods and services. It also includes the financing of productive restructuring and modernizing projects of different economic sectors that improve the competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets.

  • Amount to Be Financed

    Up to eighty percent (80%) of total amount of each project, VAT excluded.

  • Maximum Amount to Be Financed

    The maximum loan amount to be granted is Pesos eighty million ($ 80,000,000) or its equivalent in Dollars.

  • Currency of the Loan

    Pesos or Dollars.

  • Interest Services

    In constant periodic payments, every six months as maximum.

  • Interest Rates

    Loans in pesos: it will be variable, made up of the Badlar Private Banks rate plus a margin of 450 basic points, with a fixed rate cap of 24%. Loans in dollars: Libor Rate plus the spread fixed by the BICE in each case.

  • Guarantee

    At the BICE’s satisfaction.

  • Maximum Credit Term

    Loans in pesos: up to 15 years. Loans in dollars: up to 10 years.

  • Grace Period

    Up to 2 years.

  • Repayment System

    French or German.

  • Repayment Frequency

    In constant periodic payments. Every six months as maximum.

  • Advance Cancellation

    The beneficiaries may cancel the credit, wholly or partially, at any time. In such a case, it must give irrefutable notice to the BICE at least 5 five working days before the desired date of advance cancellation.


25.72%in Pesos8.39%in Dollars

(*) For a loan in pesos:

5,000,000 for a 60-month term with one-year grace period. The pertinent Nominal Annual Total Financial Cost (CFTNA in Spanish) estimations were made based on the “Badlar Private Banks” rate + spread and a fixed rate of 23%. The French system was used to estimate the Nominal Annual Total Financial Cost (CFTNA in Spanish).
Rate applied in the example: fixed rate of 23%.

For a loan in dollars:

500,000 for a 5-year term with one-year grace period. The pertinent Nominal Annual Total Financial Cost (CFTNA in Spanish) estimations were made based on the Libor Rate plus a fixed margin of 500 basic points (estimation made for a B-category Enterprise). Taxes are not included.

Rate applied in the example: Libor May Average 2018 = 2.4997%.


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