First SME Credit

The SMEs have a credit line to ease their access to long-term investment financing.


With favorable financial conditions.

Technical Assistance

For companies in the presentation and financial structure of their project.

Credit analysis

Based on the project’s sustainability.

Financial conditions

  • Requirements
    • MSMEs (according to resolution 340/2017 of the SEPYME (Undersecretary of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises)).
    • To have at least a current account in any financial entity authorized by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic.
    • To have had no access to a long-term bank credit in the last 24 months (Financing of 36 months or more – Leasing excluded).
  • Objective

    To finance investment projects and to acquire movable capital assets, recordable or not, in the framework of an investment decision, destined to different economic activities. It also includes the financing of productive restructuring and modernizing projects of different economic sectors that improve the competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets.

  • Wide Scope

    It includes all sectors that drive the economy and the production (industry, mining, agricultural industry, trade, services and construction).

  • Amount to Be Financed

    Up to eighty percent (80%) of total investment amount, VAT excluded.

  • Limitations

    Maximum $ 5 million / Minimum $ 500,000.

  • Currency

    $ (Pesos).

  • Interest Rate

    Variable (Badlar Private Banks + 450 bp.) with a maximum of 16%. (1)

  • Term

    Up to 84 months.

  • Guarantees

    At BICE’s satisfaction.

  • Grace Period

    Up to 24 months.

  • Repayment System




(1) For 60-month loans of 3,000,000 pesos with one-year grace period. The pertinent Total Financial Cost (CFT in Spanish) estimations were made based on the lowest rate between “Badlar Private Banks” rate + Spread and fixed rate of 22%. The French system was used to estimate the Total Financial Cost. A subsidy of 600 bp granted by the SEPYME is applied to such rate. Taxes are not included.


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